Acid Peptic Disease

Acid Peptic Disease is the most common disease in the gastrointestinal tract that is usually acidic. The patient also experiences extreme pain and thus, there is a need of medical treatment. Kumar Nursing Home is widely acclaimed in Aligarh (U.P.) for providing best medical services and modern technology to serve best Acid Peptic Disease Treatment in Aligarh to the patients suffering from Acid Peptic Disease. There are doctors, who are well-experienced in their field and thus provide best service to the patients. Moreover, the Nursing Home is also equipped with technologically advanced facilities that make it ideal for the treating the state and central referred cases.


At Kumar Nursing Home, there are well-experienced Doctors, who are appointed to treat the Peptic Ulcer patients. Their rich knowledge and real-time experience in providing treatment for the Peptic Ulcer patients have also proved boon for the society. Moreover, the doctors are well-versed with the modern technologies used in the fields of medical science.


The state-of-the-art indoor facilities have helped in providing sure and safe treatment of Peptic Ulcer. The facilities like Major Operation Theatre, Minor Operation Theatre, I. C.C.U., Resident Doctor, X-Ray Facility, Pathological Laboratory, Physiotherapy Centre, etc., have also made the Kumar Nursing Home a reliable centre for the patients to get professional treatment.


The services like O.P.D. Service, Indoor Facilities, X-Rays, Pathology, Physiotherapy, Ambulance Service, T.P.A. Services, etc., are also provided in order to ensure Gallstone Colic patient benefitted with treatment. Moreover, at Kumar Nursing Home, Central and State Govt. Medical Cases are also handled.