Major Operation Theatre

Major Operation Theatre Aug 04, 2018

The Major Operation Theatre of Kumar Nursing Home is equipped with Boyle’s ApparatusMajor Operation TableSuction MachinesLiberal Oxygen and Nitrous CylindersCeiling and Rotatory LightsMultipara DisplayConstant X-Ray Viewing Box, well-equipped Emergency Injection Trolley, well maintained Disposable Items, state-of-the-art Storz High Definition Laparoscopic Surgery Set with imported Laparoscopic Hand Instruments, High Grade MonitorsInstrument Trolleys,Fumigators and all Sterilized Surgical Instruments in A.C. Operation Theatre. This makes it all together better than the others in the existing atmosphere. Moreover, Kumar Nursing Home is a name to popular for fully equipped Major Operation Theatre Facility in Aligarh (UP).